Welcome to eQuillibrium Fitness.  We want this to be a positive experience for everyone and we welcome feedback.  Training includes sports specific programming and focuses primarily on muscular endurance as it relates to sports conditioning.  Personal training includes individual evaluation prior to purchase of any package.

Rates for personal, small group & team training are as follows:

Individual Training:

• Single Session $50 per session (45-1hr) / $25 per session (30 min)

 • 4 session packages are $180 / 4 session packages $90 (30 min)

 • 8 session packages are $350 / 8 session packages $175 (30 min) 

• 12 session packages are $480 / 12 session packages $240 (30 min) 


Small Group Training (3-5):

·        Single Session $100 per session (45-1hr)

·        4 session packages are $380 

·        8 session packages are $720

·        12 session packages are $1000


Team Training:

·        Priced per team, based number of athletes and times per week – contact Deni to discuss


Remote Programming:

·        3-4 workouts per week utilizing home or local gym equipment, based on client preferences – 4 weeks for $100

For more information, please contact:

Deni ( – 301-643-3477


 Suffering from the post-menopausal 25 extra pounds blues, I turned to Deni to assist in the fight. As a past CrossFitter, I missed the barbell and variety workouts, but wanted a program more appropriate for my age that I could do from home. She came through!


My programmed workouts implement weights for increased muscle mass while allowing me to scale when necessary. I love the variety of weekly body weight, dumbbell and barbell workouts. Always something new to surprise my body and thorough workouts that leave you proud (and strong) upon completion!


I love that Deni is flexible in her efforts to provide workouts that accommodate your level of fitness, your schedule, and the resources you have at your disposal. No excuses . . . get it done!


SiBeleiver – Kristi Wasson (age 58) - Virtual Training Client