The GYM floor and rooms will be open for individual workouts during the hours of 12-4 daily.  There will be a posted daily WORKOUT OF THE DAY for those that need some guidance but want to work out in a non-group setting.

This is also open for all HS/College Athletes who are working from programs provided by coaches or staff.  We will be able to assist with programming questions or modifications - and our free weights, accessories and turf will be open to use.

Summer OPEN GYM membership is $100.  The link is HERE


This is our STUDENT special - Open Gym hours are 12-4 daily, but students are allowed to reserve classes as well.  You can buy the 3 month membership HERE

We know not everyone loves the group setting. Come in and get in whatever works for you.  Daily workouts will be posted if you need inspiration, but you can always do your own thing!